Cry… Walk, Run! November 10, 2011

With the anniversary of 911 weeks away, Michael Grant recounts his watching New York’s twin tower terrorist attack survivors, literally, Cry… Walk, Run! That terrorism happened in New York and can’t happen in Dallas, right?

PI Michael Grant and Tom Darrow, discover foreign nationals, with connections to radical groups in the Middle East and Mexico, heading up a the ring of local thieves. The group is responsible for stealing thousands of ‘smart’ phones and laptop computers.

If Grant can solve this local case and make sense of the international intrigue in his own backyard he may be able to prevent an impending cascade of destruction around the world.

Cry… Walk, Run! begins with Michael telling ADA Helen Atkins about shooting the priest-killer, from Innocent And Guilty, as the terrorist cell-leader in Dallas meets with his superior who wants a bigger cut of the local-leader’s ‘take’ to fund a middle-eastern group’s urgent currency needs. But the Dallas cell-leader, using the information gleaned from stolen computers, has a more devastating plan to neuter American response capabilities while orchestrating the deployment, to U.S. cities, of ‘something deadly’ developed in the Philippines.  Their success means millions die!


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