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BOXMAN is a suspense thriller with many twists and turns. BOXMAN begins where “The Murder Fever” left off and propels you through a maze of deceit, double-dealing, dirty politics, courtroom drama, burglary, mayhem and murder… and that’s before an attacker sends Michael Grant to the ER, in a coma! While Michael’s friend, District Attorney William T. Atherton is running for Governor and Michael’s his girlfriend, ADA Helen Akins, is running to be the County DA replacing Atherton, bad guys and criminals are trying to keep that from happening. And if that’s not enough there is fraudulent homeless street corner panhandler who’s collaboration with “the BOXMAN” puts Michael’s life in jeopardy.  

BOXMAN is and intricate story of small intrigues that grow larger. And though its a maze, the reader is never lost. You may see the end coming but you won’t be sure until you get there. Oh, and there is an ancient golden statue at the heart of Michael’s troubles along with a quick trip to Paris to rain retribution on those responsible for the death of French undercover agent Baladine Laurent. Who is this malevolent BOXMAN? You’ll have to read BOXMAN to find out!  

BOXMAN is the 7th in the series of novels drawn from the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates.


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Publication Date: June 2014
List Price: $19.95
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback (428 pages)
Size: 6x9x1 inches
ISBN-10: 1495386716
ISBN-13: 13: 978-1495386718
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