There’s a New Margarita in town! September 10, 2014

The Michael Grantmargarita is “for real”!

A long time coming! The special margarita the fictional Michael Grant always asks for at Desperados is now “for real”!

This past June “The Michael Grantmargarita was added to the beverage menu at Desperados. Reviews are “it’s delicious”!

In my first novel, Jamaica Moon,  Michael Grant orders one of Desperados‘ top-shelf margaritas to which Grant always asks for a “splash of 43″ to be added. The great Spanish “Licor 43“, also known as Cuarenta Y Tres, is the secret ingredient. Seven novels later, in BOXMAN, the fictitious margarita becomes a reality!

And The Michael Grant margarita will be featured as a “Signature Cocktail” in Bartender® Magazine‘s Fall/Winter issue, along with an article about how it call came about!

Prior to the completion of BOXMAN I had contacted Bartender® Magazine to apply for and hopefully secure their Coctailright® or my unique new margarita. On September 3, 2013 I received their coveted Coctailright® for The Michael Grant! I subsequently made Desperados an “Official Purveyor” and provided them with the plaque below:

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