Tippit Memorial Poster September 9, 2014

To help fund the Dallas Police Museum you can custom order this poster in a variety of sizes, framed or not framed; as a giclee art print, a print on metal on canvas or under clear acrylic.


http://fineartamerica.com/featured/officer-j-d-tippit-memorial-poster-robert-j-sadler.html .

Years ago I took a photo of the bust created by Louis B. Lee, a local Dallas welder, who wanted to honor the city and department’s loss of Officer J.D. Tippit. When I worked in the Public Information Office which shared space with the offices of the Chief, his assistant and deputy chiefs this bust of Officer Tippit stood beneath the plaque listing the officers who had been killed in the line of duty. The bust and plaque were a daily reminder of the service and sacrifice of our fellow officers. Recently I uncovered my black and white photo of Lee’s copper-colored bust and pondered how I could make use of it for the department. I decided I would create a poster to honor J.D. Tippit and provide a potential gift to the Dallas Police Museum by donating the net proceeds from the sale of this poster to the Dallas Police Museum Fund.

I laid out the heading, placement of the bust in profile and the footing. I had considered using an image of Officer Tippit’s badge and I wanted to include the various awards earned by Officer Tippit. The images available were not of the highest resolution. When I showed the poster (sans Tippit’s badge) to Senior Corporal Roderick Janich, the museum’s current curator, he offered to provide higher resolution scans of the the departmental awards: Police Cross, Police Medal of Valor, and Medal of Honor. I added these medals, suspended from their ribbons, along with the appropriate captions, to US Army Paratrooper Tippit’s Bronze Star, his Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB) and Parachutist’s Badge or “Jump Wings”. I had left blank the space between the two groups of text: “Killed In The Line Of Duty November 22, 1963″ and “while attempting to place under arrest the assassin of President John F. Kennedy”. My artistic idea was that the eyes of the Tippit bust would be looking up and through this empty space, symbolic of looking off and above to a far horizon into Heaven. Once again I showed the ‘finished’ poster to Rick and he asked if I might like to include Tippit’s badge in the ‘blank’ space. I said I had considered it but did not have a good image.   

Once again, Rick provided a high resolution scan of badge #848 worn by Officer J.D. Tippit.  I inserted the image of the badge which is silver. I had already decided to change the overall color palette of the poster from silver to gold as befitting, in my opinion, the honoring of a slain officer. And though the Patrolman’s, (now Police Officer’s and Corporal’s) badges are silver and the ranks of Sergeant and above are gold, I added a golden tone to Officer J.D. Tippit’s badge #848 as I had done with the black and white image of Tippit’s bust and with the silver on both his Jump Wings and CIB.  

Now all that was left was to submit the image to FineArtAmerica.com, the company I use to display and print (on-demand) my art images, and order a print. In late June I presented a copy to Rick to take to Mrs. Marie Tippit to get her input. On July 7th Mrs. Tippit was shown the poster honoring her husband. Rick said, “She loved it.” He took this picture of her graciously signing my copy.

It is hoped that this poster will have wide appeal to all those interested in the history of the Dallas Police Department and the two murderous tragedies perpetrated on November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald on the citizens of the world, of America, of Texas, of the City of Dallas, and members of the Dallas Police Department with the wanton slaying of President John F. Kennedy and less than an hour later, Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit.  This poster is to honor not only J.D. Tippit but also the men and women (past, present and future) of the Dallas Police Department by helping to fund the Dallas Police Museum. Thank you for your contribution. rjs

This is the text for the poster on FAA:

Note: Net proceeds from the sale of this poster will be donated to the Dallas Police Museum. The department is developing the Dallas Police Museum to honor all the men and women, past, present and future of the Dallas Police Department. DPD Officer J.D. Tippit badge #848 holds a place of honor and remembrance. Shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit stopped a man in the nearby Oak Cliff section of Dallas who fit the description of the man wanted for shooting President Kennedy. Upon approaching the man, later identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, to effect his detention and arrest, Officer Tippit was shot several times by Oswald who then shot Tippit a final time, in the head. Oswald then fled. Thanks to witnesses Oswald was located in the Texas Theater. Oswald attempted to shoot the officers who disarmed and arrested him. Officer J.D. Tippit was a Paratrooper with the 17th Airborne Division and combat veteran of World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions in Europe.

Interestingly a Dallas Police Department photo of Officer J.D. Tippit, almost in profile, has been in the public view since 1963. It is a photograph I had never seen until after I created this poster. Thus when I took the picture of the Tippit bust in 1971-2 (see above black and white photo) I did not realize I was capturing the bust at almost the exact same angle of view as the old departmental photo. To see just how close they were I placed the poster and departmental picture of Tippit side by side and then in the third ‘frame’ I superimposed the Tippit’s in-life photo over the poster’s image which used the photograph I had taken of the bust. Here is the result.

 I am still amazed at the incredible likeness of Officer Tippit captured in the bust Mr. Lee sculpted. All I know of Mr. Louis B. Lee is that it was reported that he was welder who lived in Dallas. I have found no other references to Mr. Lee nor was their any mention of his ‘artistic talents’ or other art he may have created. I found two articles referring to Mr. Lee and the Tippit bust.

Tucson Daily Citizen1964July10 July 1964 › Page 20

Welder Creates Bust Of Tippit DALLAS –A bronze bust of police hero J. D. Tippit, representing days of toil by a Dallas welder, will be presented to the police department in memory of the officer believed slain by accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The bust is the creation of Louis Lee, who said Thursday he wanted to do something to perpetuate the memory of the slain Tippit. Tippit was shot to death on an Oak Cliff street Nov. 22 less than an hour after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The welder’s tribute likely will be kept on display in the Police Courts Building, police officials said.

On the same day this same article ran in The Dallas Morning News (see the ‘star’ mark on the full-page below and clipping):

Headline: Welder Does Tippit Bust; Article Type: News/Opinion Paper: Dallas Morning News; Date: 07-10-1964; Page: 22; Location: Dallas, Texas





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