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Poetic Lic. #4121964 Opus II

This second volume of poetry, Opus II, is also jam-packed, containing over 1000 poems in 432 pages, two columns to a page. Robert’s poetry runs the gamut from non-sensical to esoteric, love lost to love won and everything in between. There are astral and spiritual observations, the down to earth and the far far out. They are full of insight (near and far-sighted), are smart, evocative, enervating, entertaining, happy, sad, poignant and generally a gift to your own imagination.

Out of his current oeuvre of over 4000 poems+, Opus I contained poems 1 through 917 and roughly covers the period from April 1964 into March 1997.

Opus II contains poems 918 through 1935 and roughly covers the period from March 1997 to November 2001.

Robert said: “I do very much hope you find personal value in reading Opus II. Perhaps my work as a whole or even a single poem, can or will inspire your own work!”


Poetic License #4121964: Opus II

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