Mystery – Not A Mystery March 16, 2015

Four books, not mysteries, are no mystery. You may have noticed on the Author Page that one of Robert Sadler’s writing genres is Poetry. He has been writing poetry since 1964 and just this March completed an odyssey over fifty years in the making. Here is the result: Opus I, Opus II, Opus III and Opus IV which collectively contain an oeuvre of over 4000 poems. Taken as an average of 80 poems per year that would not seem to unlikely a total. However there were stretches when few poems were written and times during which the intensity of his writing was amazing, particularly when you factor in that during the era of Opus IV Robert has also published eight (now ten) novels and one true-crime book.

Below is a chart chronicling the progress of his poetry from poems in the single digits in 1964 to the first one hundred completed ten years later. It took twenty more years to reach 500 when his poetry production took a serious turn upward. In the next twenty years Robert wrote over 3300 poems and still writing*. Robert said, “I never planned to write this many poems. Apparently, there was a lot I wanted to say.”

Robert did set goals along the way, inspired by an art instructor and two poets: Emily Dickinson and E.E. Cummings. “An art instructor taught me a valuable lesson about mastering painting skills and techniques. He told me when I asked how long it took him to master the technique he was using, ‘paint a thousand paintings and you will have mastered this technique.’” Robert applied that idea of mastery and thousands of repetitions to acquire mastery. He first set a goal when he realized he had written 600 poems, to write 1000. Then as Ms. Dickinson wrote in her lifetime 1775 poems (only a few being published during her lifetime) Robert set out to make her oeuvre his goal. Next Robert learned that Mr. Cummings, one of his favorite poets, left an oeuvre of approximately 2900 poems which spurred Robert onward… he kept writing.

* And continue writing Robert has. Since the chart below was completed on 3/16/15, showing the poems written at 3800, Robert has penned and additional 200 poems, writing his 4000th poem on 6/15/2016. 

He is justifiably proud of his work and says, “If just one person finds just one poem individually and personally worthy, I’ve accomplished something significant.” We’re betting you’ll find many more than one that will grab your attention, your body, your mind, and your heart.

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