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Poetic Lic.#4121964 Opus III

Robert’s large oeuvre of poetry required, in order to present them in book form, multiple volumes. This is Opus III, the third volume, containing¬†859 of his more than 4000 poems. The poems in Opus III include poems from Volume Six Chapter Eight through Volume Eight Chapter Seven and covers poems written between July 1999 and February 2002. The exception is in Volume Eight Chapter Seven in which Part 1 was written in 2000 while Part 2 was largely written in 2003 with one each additional poem added in 2005, 2007, and 2010.

These poems written in Robert’s well-honed style of predominately Blank/Free Verse also include poems in a wide variety of earlier forms such as: Sonnet (Shakespearian & Spencerian, Ottava Rima, Pantoum, Villanelle, Rondel,, Rondeau, Haiku, Ghazal and the form Robert created called Fatales Rimas.

Robert has been an increasingly active poet. The 484 page Opus I contained his first 900 poems which spanned the years from 1964 to 1997. That’s 900 poems in 33 years. Then over the next four years (roughly from 1997 to 2001) Robert wrote an additional 1,017 poems which are contained in Opus II.

That brings us to Opus III, a group of 859 of Robert’s poems written largely in the two year period as indicated above.

With the conclusion of Opus III‘s last poem: #2794 of Robert’s 3800+ there are at least 1,000 more poems to include in Opus IV.

Opus IV  contain poems written during the approximately twelve year period from 2002/3 to present. Robert would like it noted that while the 1200+ poems in Opus IV marks a slow down in his poetic output, during this period he has published seven (7) novels and one true-crime book.

Robert said: “As with the Opus I, Opus II and now Opus III, I do very much hope you find personal value in reading Opus III and, further, perhaps my work as a whole or even a single poem can, or will, inspire your own work!”





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