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Poetic Lic. #4121964 Opus IV

This is Opus IV, forth volume of Robert J. Sadler’s Poetic License #4121964. His Opus series is the culmination of years of writing… amassing thousands of poems. Opus IV, along with Opus I, II, and III are a tribute to expression, poetic expression, and the value of the written word to one individual. What started out as an unbidden poetic thought, a collection of words, stimulated by being present in the magic of an April night in 1964 (and written down minutes afterwards) became an oeuvre, fifty years later, of over 4,000 poems.

Opus IV contains over 1200 of these 4,000+ poems. It is a rather amazing accomplishment from a poet who found his poetic voice and dared to express not only his personal thoughts but also to speak through the voice of thousands to relate their experiences as they might recount them.


Author’s Note:

A poet’s voice is not a mask, it is more like a second skin that becomes your own, a close fitting raiment, a way of speaking, writing, expressing yourself. Once you become comfortable with your own voice, master your own voice, it is pleasing exercise to try on the raiment of other voices in order for their thoughts to be expressed. Wear these other voices frequently enough and they become like a second-second skin. Perhaps the poem the raiment will offer it’s own explanation:


“Would that you could meet the sun and the wind 

with more of your skin and less of your raiment, 

For the breath of life is in the sunlight 

and the hand of life is in the wind.” 

                 from:  The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


the raiment


to the sun I lifted up my arms

and felt the wind slip through my fingers


shadows drew themselves out

as if the day was one long conversation


clouds shuddered as the sun set

sacrificing themselves to the night


drawing the cold night about me I pledged

to wear

—only tomorrow’s new-day upon my skin


to the sun I lifted up my arms

slipping into sleeves of living breath       

 —letting windy hands, guide me as I run

©rjs 9/14/99


In my own way, through my voice and the utilization of other voices I have attempted to regardless of the voice assumed, (mine or those I’ve conjured), to wear sincerely that raiment and:


slipping into sleeves of living breath

—letting windy hands, guide me as I run


I hope you enjoy my poetry!



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