30 Seconds From Midnight (TSFM) March 16, 2016

30 Seconds From Midnight asks the question: which is worse a serial killer or serial pedophile… what if they are one in the same? With the midnight-facing clock in the process of striking the sixth of twelve chimes it is always at such moments that fairly tails end and detective stories begin… and sometimes end.

(Excerpt: Prologue for TSFM)


4:34p Sunday, August 8th

Lake Ray Hubbard

Dallas, Texas


THAT WAS TOO easy, he thought. He turned and smiled at his passenger holding the puppy, but then life throws its little slow hanging curves your way occasionally.

It had been his first trip through Windsurf Bay Park that afternoon. As he made the long loop toward the boat ramp, he had watched her walk down to the water’s edge, head-down examining rocks and nudging sticks with the toe of her shoes. He waited until she got to the north side of the cement ramp before he backed toward the water.

Looking at the girl the whinny little tan lab was standing and dancing on the front seat, his-too-big-for-his-body front paws perched on the door frame of the van’s open window, waging its tail. He pinched the puppy’s tail, who squealed and yelped.


11:45:00p Thursday, August 26th

Huntsville, Texas


WARDEN LOCKHART SMILED, remembering his conversation that long ago morning with his former boss. The words boss and warden swirled unfocused. Then, as clarifying moments do, this one crept up and brought him back to full consciousness; his smile left him.

He was now the newly promoted boss and Warden of the Polunsky Unit in West Livingston, Texas, which housed Texas’ Death Row inmates.

He was about to perform, for his first time, his court-ordered duty.





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