Ten “Michael Grant” Novels! April 11, 2017

Wow… ten novels!

 Buttermilk Skies ~ 30 Seconds From Midnight ~ The Sun Never Sets ~ BOXMAN ~ The Murder Fever
Cry… Walk, Run! ~ Innocent And Guilty ~ And… Never Again ~ Judas Oracle ~ Jamaica Moon

I want to take a moment to reflect on a second writing milestone. In the past year I published four books, that combined, contained a million-plus words in over 4,000 poems I had written over many years (Opus I, II, III, IV). Tangentially, the novels I have been writing over the past ten years sprang from a five-hundred-work-plus poem that spoke to me of a longer, deeper story reveled in that poem “Love Letters From the Sky”.

That genesis has provided characters and plots to populate ten novels. I have now completed my tenth and am at work on my eleventh. With these novels averaging 100K words, that’s over one-million words. It sounds like an overwhelming number, but trust me it is not. There are writers surpassing that number every year, even parts of a year.

In the beginning, like my poetry, I never knew where, in terms of volume or production, my writing would take me. I didn’t know I would write over 4,000 poems. I didn’t know if I could write (make that complete) a novel… much less keep writing them. And looking back, at both my poetry and novel writing… I could have written much, much more.

That said I am pleased that I have written ten novels and am looking forward to completing number eleven and beginning number twelve. You see, for this writer, their is a deep desire, a need if you will, to keep writing. Why? Because the ideas never cease. They are always there, waiting to be released synapse after synapse, word after word.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey and will continue to enjoy the journey with me. It is a journey without end.

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