We Were Once Knights… April 11, 2017


present day  ~

THE WAREHOUSE DISTRICT was deserted. It was the weekend, an early Sunday morning, after the holiday. If there were no burglars about, the earliest the body would likely be discovered would be when the Monday morning paper got thrown up on the building’s loading dock to my right. That is, if the route man even took long enough to look before he flung the paper from his car window as he passed. Who would want to stop long enough to be assaulted by this alley’s odors.

Luckily it was the dead of winter, but even with the ground frozen, the smells were still there. Only snow or ice would temporarily eliminate them. But neither snow nor ice was a regular winter occurrence in Dallas. Then of course when the weather warmed the ice or snow away… the smell would be several orders of magnitude worse.

THE BULLET WOUND was smoking. Or maybe it was a combination of smoke from the gun’s almost point blank discharge and the body’s warmth escaping out the finger-sized bullet hole into the freezing air.

I stood over the body, my nose cupped in my left hand to staunch the stench of the alley. What I smelled was…

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