The Bad Alibi June 25, 2018

… inhabits a world in which coincidences collide. For instance, what’s the difference between an assassin/hitman and a serial killer, the assassin/hitman usually gets paid. I say usually because, coincidentally, some hitmen get eliminated. To tell you more than Michael Grant and Tom Darrow try to save their sea-going client, a Salvadoran stowaway; follow a beautiful Salvadoran assassin from the Atlantic coast of South Carolina to Texas; solve mysteries and murders along the way; would give away too much. Coincidence?

Only to come home to Dallas where everyone around Michael Grant becomes a target. Coincidence?

Where something nefarious and still undiscovered involves a computer nerd whose next door neighbor dances in the nude. Coincidence? She was there every night… same time… like appointment TV. She was entertainment worth watching!

But she wasn’t THE BAD ALIBI. No, that belongs to the man watching her!

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