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The Murder Fever

If it’s Texas, if it’s Dallas, if it’s hot, it must be summertime and everyone seems to have caught The Murder Fever — 6th book in the exciting series exposing the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates. The Murder Fever touches 12 cities in 9 countries. But not much is going on… just a little [...]


Cry… Walk, Run!

Cry… Walk, Run! 5th in the Black Book Investigations of Michael Grant & Associates series—With the “9-11” anniversary weeks away, Michael Grant recounts his watching New York’s twin tower terrorist-attack survivors, literally, Cry… Walk, Run! And notes that: terrorism happens in New York and can’t happen in Dallas, right? A shooting. A beheading. A terrorist cell [...]

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This is a true-crime story; don’t read it in bed! The FBR was a mild-mannered Dallas public relations executive by day, roving rapist by night, who moved inexorably toward murder. Free to rape for over three years—was the FBR that smart, police that inept, or was the public that unconcerned? Revealed in the rapist’s, victims’ [...]

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Innocent And Guilty

How can you be Innocent And Guilty at the same time? “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned,” says convicted murderer Ian Montaña, now ‘rehabilitated’ and a graduate of prison with advanced degrees in every facet of criminal enterprise. Two more murders behind him and he’s back in Dallas, sporting an Irish accent and a [...]


And… Never Again

Cold Careless Fury – Hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of animals and billions in property are at stake.  And… Never Again is the 3rd in the Michael Grant, PI, mystery/suspense series.  Terry Dean Ballard, a young terrorist who killed 19 innocents in Texas before escaping Michael’s grasp at the end of Judas Oracle, surfaces [...]


Judas Oracle

Dramatic adventure Many writers attempt to create a complex series of subplots in their work. Such a strategy can lend texture and interest to an otherwise simple narrative. Only a small percentage of such attempts are successful. Robert Sadler has succeeded beyond any measure. He weaves a complicated tale of multifaceted police work into a highly credible [...]


Jamaica Moon

“A TRUE [PAGE TURNER] FROM BEGINNING TO END ‘Jamaica Moon’ takes the reader on a wild action filled account of Private Investigator Michael Grant’s tactical pursuit of a villain, who is the personification of pure evil. As the plot races forward around Dallas, TX and Jamaica, Grant and his loved ones also become the target [...]