Revenge isn’t dead… yet!

Death stalks Michael Grant under Buttermilk Skies! Just when he thought Stuart Marquis was dead and buried along comes one of his Death Row Groupies to exact his revenge from hell. After murderer Stuart Marquis’ execution his personal effects were given to Gina Valatore, a DRG (death row groupie). Thinking Grant is dead, Stuart’s dying [...]

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Who am I really... an ex-cop turned Private Investigator, whose secret life has been spent with 'spooks', ghosts and words...

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We Were Once Knights…

PROLOGUE ~  present day  ~ THE WAREHOUSE DISTRICT was deserted. It was the weekend, an early Sunday morning, after the holiday. If there were no burglars about, the earliest the body would likely be discovered would be when the Monday morning paper got thrown up on the building’s loading dock to my right. That is, [...]

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Ten “Michael Grant” Novels!
April 11, 2017

Wow… ten novels!  Buttermilk Skies ~ 30 Seconds From Midnight ~ The Sun Never Sets ~ BOXMAN ~ The Murder Fever Cry… Walk, Run! ~ Innocent And Guilty ~ And… Never Again ~ Judas Oracle ~ Jamaica Moon I want to take a moment to reflect on a second writing milestone. In the past year I published four books, that combined, contained a [...]

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Mystery – Not A Mystery
March 16, 2015

Four books, not mysteries, are no mystery. You may have noticed on the Author Page that one of Robert Sadler’s writing genres is Poetry. He has been writing poetry since 1964 and just this March completed an odyssey over fifty years in the making. Here is the result: Opus I, Opus II, Opus III and [...]

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